Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ganesh, the movie - a shit-shat

One day

the Caller: Arrey, you know the director of ‘Ganesh’ movie?

the Receiver: No

Can you find him for me.. ask your friends.. and then theirs.. and so on na.. plz ?


If u find him, I need to put a ‘Ganesh’ bomb in his ass..

He rofls.

(the ‘Ganesh’ bomb was the fattest and the most awesomest bomb in the paper-wrapped category that went out with the loudest boom.. this was 8 to 10 years backside from now)

Me groans diapprovingly.

Also find me the story writer..


I need to put two Ganesh bombs inside his.. but deeper

Loses it again.

I am fucking serious you hairy ass..

The movie was fucking 3 hours long.. nd they didn’t tell me b4 that is was a fucking kids movie.. nd the end was deep-fucking-ly conceptual too..

They also did not tell me it was a superman movie.. there are like 1000 little kids in that building who he makes them think that he is.. so fucking cute na???

I cud get thru the movie only coz Kajal made me fall in love with her... again.

Grins. Broadly.

After a detailed discussion - that included meticulous graphical detailing: for the purposes of ease of comprehension – of finer things like how her physical form in this movie differed from that in ‘Aarya-2’ and ‘Magadheera’ (which, as is obvious, is extremely crucial from a purely artistic standpoint.. nd sitting-point as well)…

and may be her acting too!!

i.e., after a good 10-15 more minutes of Kajal agarawal..

But bro, they don’t make those anymore..

So what? we need just 3 na.. we’ll make’em.


The day after ‘One day’

..we need 3 more..


Ganesh bombs

Oh Gannnesh booombs aa..

but why?

Just in case they don’t burst

Why wont they burst?

WE are making them na.. not that I’m secretly used to making bombs or anything.. I am not a son of ‘seema’.. u see..


(Rakthacharithra reference – ‘Anantapur’ belongs to the region of ‘Rayalaseema’.. or simply ‘seema’)

nd damn.. I am regretting that for the 1st time in my life

Nd what if the remaining 3 wont burst as well?

I’ll seedha put hydrogen foils then tho .. no more shitting around .. no more ganesh bombs nonsense..

OK then, I’ll tell you when I find them.

You better do. You better do.

P.S. : This conversation sounds way more sweeter in the original tongue.